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📫 Ask Sarah: Discipline & Willpower

📫 Ask Sarah: Discipline & Willpower

Is it possible to make space for healthier habits when you’re exhausted by family and work?

Here’s a question about habits and health—and willpower—that I got from someone in the Wise Women’s Council, our annual mastermind: 

“I have a limited amount of discipline and willpower and I’m spending it all on my family and business. How do I keep some for myself in order to make healthier choices and feel better physically? (No time to exercise because if I’m not working I should be with the kids, and by the time I’m with the kids I’m exhausted).”


How on earth do you sustain healthy habits after you become a parent? For those of you that want to continue to do things that you used to do—whether that’s exercise, eating in a way that fulfills you, spending time recovering, or getting enough sleep—this episode is all about how much our lives can be upended when we have children.

This is not an episode about willpower or discipline. That science is faulty at best, and if you’re a parent, your willpower bucket is used up by the fifth diaper change of the morning or the two hundred cheerios you’re pulling out of the carpet from your school kid’s lackadaisical style.

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Ask Sarah: Business, Parenting, Life
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