Dec 5, 2022 • 3M

📫 Ask Sarah: Getting The 1-Year Old and 3-Year Old to Sleep

How we dealt with the massive sleep deprivation of early parenting.


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Sarah K Peck
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  • What did I do to get my kids to sleep? Sleep is so hard, and the fighting about sleep approaches just makes it harder. That’s why I don’t judge what method you use—sleep training is beautiful for some people, and co-sleeping is perfect for other people, and everyone parents in the way that fits them best. Here’s what we did in our family, and why I chose the sleep method I did.

  • Taking time to rest and recharge when you’re in the early years. You asked me how I take care of myself, and what I do to rest and recharge. I cover the specific restorative practices I use in my life, and share a glimpse inside my partnership and how my partner and I try to make time for each other with two kids—not an easy feat.

  • Staying organized across projects, life, and business. You asked me about my organization systems, if there’s a project management tool I love, and what system(s) I use to stay organized. I give a high-level picture of my systems, including the places I’m still learning how to be more organized.

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If you’d like to listen to how I approached sleep with two littles, and why I think that the fight around sleep training is problematic, take a listen to this episode.

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